Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment removes bacteria or infections from inside your tooth. It can prevent a tooth being extracted or save an infected tooth from further damage.

Inside a tooth there is a pulp chamber and root canals, which contain the tooth’s blood vessels and nerves. Sometimes the nerve within a tooth can become irreversibly inflamed or die off and become infected (sometimes called an abscess). This can happen if your tooth has decay or has previously had a deep filling, crown or bridge or has been traumatised in some way.

If you wish to try and save the tooth and avoid having it extracted, then the inflamed or infected nerve tissue needs to be removed. The pulp chamber and root canals need to be disinfected to attempt to kill off any bacteria that may have contaminated the inside of the tooth.

Following root canal treatment in many cases your dentist will recommend that the tooth is also provided with a crown or onlay. This is to reduce the chance of the weakened tooth fracturing and also to help protect the root canal treatment from becoming infected again.

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