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Intraoral Scanner

At 57 Dental & Implant Centre, we aim to provide modern and latest dental treatments to our valuable patients. In this ever-evolving world of dentistry, we can now create digital impressions of your teeth by using Intraoral Scanner. This amazing technology gives the most accurate dental impressions of your teeth and bite. It enables our dentists to provide corrective treatment in a comfortable, convenient and more precise way.

With the scanner, you get the ability to extract more accurate impression of your teeth much easier and faster than before. This small device maps your teeth and provides you with the perfect digital 3D image that we send directly to the laboratory.

The device lessens the time needed for a positive and long-lasting treatment to your smile, eliminating the need of messy and awkward dental impressions.

It also automatically detects the shade of the enamel that is scanned identifying the correct shade match for the final restoration.

How Intraoral Scanner works

Our Intra Oral Scanner captures the teeth and gums structure digitally with the latest technology. The scanner is hand-held wand and compact. Even if our dentist at the clinic starts with the scanning process, it can be stopped and further continued several times.

Your oral condition is scanned by using a radiation-free laser which renders a digital 3D impression of your teeth structure within two to three minutes. You can see the progress of the scans and 3D model of your teeth. We use the scanner in the restoration procedure which includes bridges, crowns, inlays and onlays, veneers and Invisalign.

Intraoral Scanner – Technology that just fits your need

  • Speed up treatment diagnosis
  • Invisalign scans
  • Quicker retainer
  • Precise models for a quality product
  • Saves nearly 20 minutes from appointment time of patient
  • Eliminate uncomfortable teeth impressions.
  • No Gag Reflex
  • Smart-shade matching automatically detects the enamel colour of the scan area to identify the ideal match for optimum restorative outcomes.